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Now accepting nominations for the board, deadline is 3/15/2018. Please nominate yourself or another work-owner of a NoBAWC member workplace using this form.  For questions email

The following is taken from the NoBAWC Governing Document:

Article VI Board of Directors

Section 6.1. Composition.

The NoBAWC Board of Directors shall be comprised of between 3 – 5 representatives elected at large from member workplaces.

Section 6.2. Eligibility.

Only current, regular workers who are full members of their respective NoBAWC member workplaces (hereafter referred to as “worker-members”) are eligible to run for the NoBAWC Board. Workers who are in probationary status are neither eligible to run for the NoBAWC Board nor eligible to serve on the NoBAWC Board.

Although there is no limit on the number of worker-members from a particular workplace who may run for Board election, no more than 2 worker-members from a particular workplace shall be permitted to serve on the Board at the same time. In cases where more than two worker-members from a particular workplace receive enough votes to make them Board representatives, only the highest vote-getter and the second highest vote-getter from a particular workplace shall be elected; the other(s) are alternates.

If a Board member leaves their workplace during their Board term, they may complete their Board term.

Section 6.3. Term Length.

At large Board members shall normally serve 18 month terms. In cases where 75% or more of the at large Board seats turnover at the same time, the Board or membership may reduce or increase one or more at large Board member’s terms by 6 months to either 12 or 24 months in order to better stagger Board terms.

If the number of at large Board members falls below 3, a special Board election shall be conducted to bring the number of at large Board members to between 3 – 5.

Section 6.4. Election Process.

NoBAWC Board elections shall use the following election process. Specific deadlines shall be determined by the Board.

  1. A) Candidate’s Statement:

NoBAWC members interested in running for the Board must submit a candidate’s statement to NoBAWC including explaining their reasons for running for the Board.

A list of candidates and their statements shall be posted to the NoBAWC website as well as emailed and mailed to member workplaces.

  1. B) Voting Process and Timeline:

If there are the same number of eligible candidates as open Board seats, there shall not be a mail-in ballot election. Instead, the election ratification shall take place at the last general membership meeting of the outgoing Board members’ term(s).

If more eligible candidates declare their candidacy than there are open Board seats, a mail-in ballot election shall take place…

Section 6.5. Responsibilities and Decisionmaking.

Board positions are volunteer. Board members should expect a minimum time commitment of 10 hours per month. Time commitments will vary depending on the initiative of individual Board members. General policy direction and final decision-making authority rests with the membership, not the Board. Board responsibilities and decision-making guidelines include:

  1. A) Board Responsibilities:

1) Regularly communicate its activities and the activities of NoBAWC with the membership. Since final decision-making authority rests with the membership, the Board is responsible for getting feedback from the membership, working out proposal details and providing the membership with refined recommendations to consider. There will be a Board report at every general membership meeting. Board meeting minutes shall be made available to any NoBAWC member upon request.

2) Oversee paid staff. NoBAWC staff is immediately responsible to the Board and the Board shall make staffing decisions. Board responsibilities related to staffing include interviewing staff applicants, hiring staff, drafting & signing staff contracts, overseeing staff performance, conducting staff evaluations and firing staff. All Board decisions regarding staff may be appealed to the general membership.

3) Work with paid staff to accomplish tasks and relieve staff workload. This can include taking on new NoBAWC projects or helping the staff with existing projects.

4) Work with and oversee NoBAWC committees. The Board is responsible for ensuring that NoBAWC committees are active, fulfill their mission and follow committee guidelines. If committees fail to meet these minimal requirements, the Board will make recommendations for the membership to consider at a general membership meeting.

5) Maintain certain legal and financial responsibilities such as signing contracts and being responsible for the financial health of NoBAWC.

6) Coordinate facilitating and taking minutes at general NoBAWC meetings. Board members should undergo training if necessary.

7) Attend Board meetings. If a Boardmember misses more than 4 Boardmeetings during their term, they will be removed from the Board and replaced by an alternate. Board members are encouraged to attend general NoBAWC meetings.

  1. B) Board Decision-making:

1) The Board shall make decisions within the parameters established by the membership. The membership is responsible for general policy direction. The Board is responsible for making decisions within the policy framework established by the membership.

2) The Board shall meet at least as frequently as general membership meetings. Upcoming Board meetings will be announced to the general membership. Board meetings are open to NoBAWC members interested in observing, except when legal concerns require sections of the meeting to be confidential.

3) The Board shall use modified consensus decisionmaking. Board meetings require a quorum of 2/3 of all Board members present. If consensus cannot be reached (one or more Board members are blocking), a 3/4 majority vote is required to pass a proposal. If a Board vote occurs, paid staff Board members shall have one vote each, while at-large Board members shall have two votes each.

4) Detailed minutes shall be taken at Board meetings and all decisions shall be recorded in bold type. Board meeting minutes shall be made available to the membership upon request.

5) The NoBAWC Board shall be empowered to, without prior membership approval, make expenditures of no more than $200.00 on items not contained in NoBAWC’s annual budget priorities. Board expenditures without prior membership approval shall not exceed $400.00 per calendar quarter.

6)All Board decisions are appealable to the general membership.

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