Board & Administrative Coordinators

Current NoBAWC Board Members (see their statements below):

Ranil Abeyskara [Community Printers]

Adrionna Fike [Mandela Foods Cooperative]

Heather Farnham [Arizmendi 9th Ave.]

Staff (see their bios below):

Foresta Sieck-Hill

Stephen Switzer

Board Member Statements:

Adrionna Fike (Mandela Foods Cooperative) I hope to serve the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NoBAWC)offering insight, creative ideas and will to learn from each member organization and potential member organizations. We shall be a well-connected and radically supportive community that provides thoughtful and artful resources meeting the needs of each member organization, while attracting and educating the Bay Area’s transforming workforce at large.  A personal goal in this leadership process is learning well enough to teach cooperative education within public education systems and as popular education, touching the hearts and imaginations of youth and workers everywhere. Thank you for the opportunity to serve in this important way.

Heather Farnham (Arizmendi 9th Ave) I have been a member of Arizmendi Bakery 9th Avenue SF for fourteen years. I currently serve on the Policy Council for the Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives, representing my bakery in Association-wide cooperative development & support, as well as visioning future goals for expanding co-op business opportunities in the Bay Area. I recently worked with a group at Sustainable Economies Law Center to advocate a policy change in current California workers comp legislation to further protect worker cooperatives as viable, growing businesses. I am inspired to continue bridging and building communities within our sustainable and vibrant worker cooperative culture.

Ranil Abeysekera (Community Printers) In the 80’s I was a working member of a print and publishing collective in Sri Lanka. We facilitated and printed literature for the protection of democratic rights. In the 90’s I was a collective member at Our Times collective that  publishes an independent labor magazine in Toronto Canada. I lived in the Don Area Cooperative housing coop while there. In 1998 I moved to Berkeley and joined Inkworks Press collective. Presently I am on the boards of Northern California Land Trust and Spiral Garden Community Food Security project. I am a member of People Power Solar co-operative, a very recent project for collaborative innovation towards a new economy. The intersection of access to land, food security and the cooperative economy continue to inspire me. I am currently a member of Community Printers, a Unionized and green certified worker owned collective in Santa Cruz.

Staff Bios:

Stephen Rye Switzer has more than 15 years experience in cooperatives. He helped to found A Bookkeeping Cooperative in NY and was a member of Thirdroot Community Health Center for 8 years.  Stephen is currently on the boards of Red Hen Collective and City Slicker Farms.

Foresta Sieck-Hill spent over 10 years as a worker-owner of two local cooperatives: Drag Racer Messenger and Pedal Express – where she learned the ins and outs of running a cooperative business.  She later worked with California Center for Cooperative Development and the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

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